Sagardi Loft Osteria



As well as being a place in which to indulge the palate, SAGARDI is also a place to rest.

Above the restaurant you'll find SAGARDI Loft Osteria. It's a unique accommodation that retrieves the spirit of the ancient lodging houses(osteria) where the traveler had their own key and space.

The building, adjacent of the former general store of Martina Céspedes who was a heroine of the colonial Buenos Aires, has one suite and eight lofts located around a central courtyard, whose decoration and design are inspired by the historical memory of the Buenos Aires neighborhood, and whilst maintaining down to the last detail the utmost service in comfort and rest. Each room is themed with graphic elements typical of San Telmo’s history: from Lezama Park to the cafes, from the church of Our Lady of Bethlehem to tango... All of which is thought of as a reflection of the neighborhood.

And finally, in the terrace of the building you’ll find the pool and the solarium. The best setting to relax under the towers of the church of San Pedro Telmo.