Gastronomic Culture

In the Basque Country it was customary to visit the rural ciderhouses to taste the new cider and make purchases for the year. The Probaketa, as this tradition is known, takes place during the Winter months and involves tasting the early apple brews directly from the kupelas (barrels) and purchasing for the entire year. To counter the effects of the alcohol, simple foods made of the farm's own meats and vegetables were offered to the customers.



Similarly, in the early 20th Century the first taverns appeared in the Basque Country, places to share cider and wine together with traditional foods in an informal and popular atmosphere. Following the example of the cider-makers, bite-sized foods known as pintxos were served to dampen the excesses caused by drinking.



Cider houses and taverns are and have always been a cultural legacy of the Basque Country. A legacy which Sagardi, a name which evokes the perfumed apples at the origin of cider, wishes to create a fresh and warm atmosphere where this tradition can continue to exist in today's social relations.